Giant List of Christian Discipleship Accountability Questions

Before beginning a meeting with your accountability partner it is always wise to pray.

Pray that you will become like Jesus.

Pray that you would be motivated by grace alone.

Pray for honesty.


How are you doing? How is your prayer life? Do you have any sin to confess? [Relational, Sexual, Financial, Pride, Integrity, Submission to Authority, etc.] Did you obey what God told you last time? Share details. Did you pray for the “Unbelievers” on your relationship list this week? Did you have the chance to share with any of them? Share details. Did you memorize a new verse this week? Quote it. Did you read at least 25 chapters in the Bible this week? What did God say to you this week from the Word? What are you going to specifically do about it? Did you meet with your 3/3 group this week? How did it go? Did you model or assist someone in starting a new 3/3 group this week? Share details. Do you see anything hindering my walk with Christ? Did you have the opportunity to share the gospel this week? Share details. Practice 1-3 minute testimonies and the gospel right now. Who can you invite to the group next week? If the group is four or more, multiply it. How have your insights from last week’s reading shaped the way you think and live? Who did you pass your insights from last week on to and how was it received? How have you seen God at work? Have you been a testimony this week to the greatness of Jesus Christ with both your words and actions? Have you been exposed to sexually alluring material or allowed your mind to entertain inappropriate sexual thoughts? Have you acknowledged God’s ownership in your use of money? Have you coveted anything? Have you hurt someone’s reputation or feelings by your words? Have you been dishonest in word or action or exaggerated? Have you given into an addictive [or lazy or undisciplined] behavior? Have you been a slave to clothing, friends, work, or possessions? Have you failed to forgive someone? What worries or anxieties are you facing? Have you complained or grumbled? Have you maintained a thankful heart? Have you been honoring, understanding and generous in your important relationships? What temptations in thought, word, or action have you faced and how did you respond? How have you taken opportunities to serve or bless others, especially believers? Have you seen specific answers to prayer? Did you complete the reading for the week?

  • No need to ask all of these questions each week. Just prayerfully pick 10-15 minutes worth of questions.

  • credit to for these questions.



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