We check in on one another spiritually and emotionally, sing songs together, hold each other accountable for the past week’s goals, and cast the collective vision for our group.

TGC is a collective of small, simple discipleship communities that meet together in Norfolk, VA to celebrate God’s grace.  


Each group is made up of believers - families, singles and children- who are committed to gathering together weekly to worship, have a time of Bible teaching and study, and pray and encourage one another to walk in obedience to what God is calling us to do through His Word.


The groups vary in size and are led by the members. They are free to meet anywhere: houses, coffee shops, parks etc. An elder board holds each group accountable to teaching sound doctrine and promoting holy lives. We all gather together regularly for a larger corporate worship service.

The general structure of our time together breaks down into 3rds.

In the first third we look back:

In the second 3rd, we look up:

In the final 3rd, we look forward.

Together, we work through a book of the Bible, focusing on how to interpret the text correctly and then apply it practically to our individual lives.

We take communion together, pray, and set goals for reaching our community and applying the day’s text to our lives.


If you are interested in being part of a group or have further questions, please contact us!