We find our identity in Christ, the object of our love.

The Grace Collective is a community of christian believers who are committed to simplifying their lives in an effort to obey God's commands to love Him, love one another and make disciples.  


There are five virtues that we want to be known for:

Ruthless Simplicity. Relentless Community. Reformative Worship. 

Radical Hospitality. Rampant Discipleship.            


We are commanded by Jesus to do three main things:

Love God

TGC corporately practices Loving God by participating in a shared daily bible reading lectionary and by hosting worship gatherings. 

Our goal is to redirect and reform our hearts towards God and the things He loves.


Love People 

Intimate relationships are the foundation of TGC.

Our goal is to love and care for each other in such a special way that people outside of our community can't help but see the work of the divine 


Make Disciples

In the Great Commission Jesus told us to "Go and make disciples...teaching them to obey all that I have commanded." So, we hold each other, in love and community, to not just learning Jesus' teachings, but learning to OBEY them. 

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